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Saturday, October 27th, 2007
7:12 pm
It's been a long time since i've updated here. So here it is: I've done well here in Maryland. Very well. I'm being transfered to one of the top hotels in the company, and the best hotel our company has to offer in Canada: The Park Hyatt Toronto. Toronto! I have to deal with maple leaf fans for two years while i grind to get my red seal. Am i ready? Fuck, i don't know. I'm nervous about working in such a high end place, Park hyatt's are the top in the chain's hotels. I work in a Regency, two levels lower. The Park's are also an international brand, which means i now have my window of opportunity to transfer internationally. HELLO EUROPE! Viv is going to move to Toronto with me in January, in the meantime i'll live with brendon and train for a few months, get my pay raise.
During the summer, i became close friends with a lot of Europeans. So i don't forget their names: Boyan, Emil, Gerry, Alaina, Roxana, Ioana, Delia, Ivan, Mitko, Iva and Julia. Parties as usual, but they convinced me that checking out countries around the black sea is worth it. So i'll see them in a year or so. Bulgaria and Romania, here i come!

That's all from my life. I could go on, my sous chef Charles has been more help to me than he knows. But i have to pack my bags and start over in Toronto.

Current Mood: exhausted
Wednesday, March 7th, 2007
1:47 pm
SO yesterday while we were watching the hockey game, we get a phone call. It was my dad! Apparantly, i was the top student in my class at VCC and i've been asked to compete in the student of the year competition representing my class. What's more awesome? My room mate got it for his class as well! Oh, and better than that? If my chef manages to let me go(which, in all honesty, probably won't happen) i'll also be there for the dragon force show. That's right, i'll have seen them live twice in a month! HAHA! Other complications: My orientation is on the 24th, but viv's flight is to return to canada on the 26th. My competition is on the 31st of march. I'll have to make a lot of phone calls in the next few days, i have to confirm wether i can do this or not by the 12th. Right now, i'm stoked, proud and surprised. March 2007. A month to remember, for all the good it's been.

Current Mood: ecstatic
Sunday, February 18th, 2007
12:26 pm
Ever oil burned yourself in such a way that if the blister pops right away, it turns crispy? I swear i'd find it tasty if i ate human flesh...

...i think about food too much.
Friday, February 16th, 2007
12:30 pm
Valentines day was great. Not because of that mushy bull shit...but because of the awesome dinner service we had! Really, it's a good feeling when you can cook a flawless service, and hear nothing but people's compliments. Everything looked sharp, i was doing the entree special("surf and surf"-seared scallops and striped bass with a roasted tomato puree, shaved citrus asparagus salad and a "broken" oyster caper vinaigrette) and the amuse bouche (just a ratatouille stuffed baby bell pepper a goat cheese sauce and a fig balsamic reduction). I get a certain joy when i cook a rack of lamb medium rare or medium. The colour is really a beautiful sight. The same goes when i cook duck right. Nothing but bright, pink flesh, crispy skin and a pink gastrique to sauce the plate with. we have these new bad ass square plates, which i prefer to the 12 inch rounds and the triangle plates we have for entree's. The seafood restaraunt is good too, but it's way more casual. Only there could i pull off "tenderloin medallions with a pearl onion guiness beer sauce, grilled veg stack and pomme puree." And yeah, i know that wasn't seafood but... they wanted to get rid of some filet mignon.

Erin has been mutually kicked out. REJOICE!!

I have a bed. REJOICE!

An Viv is coming on march 12th!! REJOICE!!!!!!

...oh, and over $1000 on this tax return...hahahahahhaha.

Ok, I'm done rambling. Bye now.

Current Mood: pleased
Thursday, February 1st, 2007
1:03 am
Vik'd from rainbowk

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Friday, January 19th, 2007
12:58 pm
Well, ok, i broke. I'm getting a myspace up and running. I'll still update LJ...as often as i do anyways. but my american coworkers are asking me to get one. I don't see any hard in it, and in terms of stuff you can do, it seems better than LJ anyways. I'll update again once i figure out all my information crap. and if any of you have a myspace, tell me and i'll add you :D.
Wednesday, January 17th, 2007
6:13 pm
Life is slow in Cambridge at the moment. Hell, it's always slow, but right now it's really slow. Winter has just started showing itself. Today i could see my breath! Whoo! I was lucky enough to have Scott and Kiyomi deliver some flowers to my girlfriend earlier this week for her birthday. She loved them, so thanks to you two. I'm sitting around my room looking around. It's looking more like a bedroom now that i have pictures of the people i care for, bands i like, and...chef gear. My room mate bought burning crusade yesterday. I'd like to point out again how easy it is to get games in this particular corner of America. I was in walmart today around noon-ish. There were still copies of the burning crusade there. There were still copies of FFIII for the DS. We got two Wii's then they were released. i wonder if people even play them out here.

I've started working the other major restaurant in the hotel, Blue Point. This is ridiculously easy shit. It's like going back to moxies all over again, but with the experience i've accumulated over the years. I learned the entire menu and every station in three days. I think now would be the time to start looking for competition's in the greater baltimore area for young cooks like me to test themselves in. It's not to say that i'm the best intern, because i'm not. By far. But i want to learn competition cooking, so i might as well pursue it. Anyways, i am enjoying oblivion right now. So i'll play that. See you all later.

Current Mood: relaxed
Thursday, January 4th, 2007
1:48 pm
Maaaaan. So it justs dawned on me a year ago i was comfortably sitting at home in BC. I can't say a lot about my year, i mean, i can. I can say a lot about the people i've met, the places i've gone, the circumstances in which i live... but i won't. I think i've had an incredible year. This last year, i've grown out a lot. I've gained the respect of many of my peers because of how i stick to my beliefs...so stubbornly. I've gained the ability to cook a bit(and i can assure you, just a bit. Before i couldn't even do that). I've maintained a long distance relationship with a cute, funny, enjoyable, highly emotional girlfriend. So my p lans for the next year? See more of the east coast. Get another job on another continent lined up. Get some idea of how i'm going to get there with my girlfriend. Get a life started. I hope everything works out man. As for the time being, i'm in America, missing Canada, and wanting to go to Australia. Happy new year everyone, i hope your shit works out as well.

Current Mood: accomplished
Sunday, December 10th, 2006
7:57 pm
I have never met a more miserable waste of human flesh and blood in my life.

some of you might know about one of my room mates, Erin Bryson. I didn't really think people like this existed. She's a lying, selfish, two faced manipulative whore. I don't know how much longer i can live with someone who will constantly lie about what they do and do not do around the house, act like an innocent girl who is the victim in our house to the sous chefs(whilst her lips are around their cocks, i might add) when she does things like this. I would cut this girl and bleed her to death if it wasn't for the idea of american prison. She does shit all at work too. While everyone else is busy actaully DOING their work and prepping their stations up, she's off iin the distance making a ginger bread house. It really pisses me off when our restaurant chef goes ahead and tells he to work on that when shes not in his restaraunt(because, they need her to prep and get her station ready for the next person who works there), and then she grabs the executive sous chef to work on it with her. Or when one of our other room mates confides some information in her(before he knows what she's like) and she tells his gf, which put his relationship in a great deal of tension. Or when she books the time off the other guys wanted to go back to vancouver in, when they asked her not too. OR how she has to leave her shit in all three of the bathrooms in the house. Or, when we leave furniture around the house, and we find the shit in her room, just out of nowhere. Or when she doesn't pay us for outstanding bills we have. I can just keep on going. What enrages me even more is when she uses another room mate who is hopelessly in love with the vile thing. She is constantly fucking him over with the car they purchased together. Not picking him up from work, ruining the tires on the thing, he' an idiot for not doing anything about it and just letting her. I have NEVER been so disgusted by a human being in my life. This is incredible. The guys want to move out to get away from her(and now, him too). they want to show him that when we move out, she'll just ditch him. So why put the wasted effort into her? I can honestly say, if erin bryson was brutally murdered, raped, or just left to suffer, this world would be a better place. Nobody who treats people like this deserves to live.

Current Mood: angry
Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006
3:13 pm
My Wii Story
So on saturday night, my room mate decides we should go get a Wii. It's 4am, so it's sunday anyways, and we weren't sleeping. It sounded like a good idea, so after and hour of playing guitar hero (FREE BIRD!!!...i've been in america a tad too long) we hopped in the car and drove to walmart. No line. It's 5am and we have no line. The store opens at 7am. You know, for all the downsides of living in a town full of racist hicks, i got to give them something. They don't play games. I appreciate that. To stay warm, we hung out in the car and watched clerks on my lap top, waiting for the store open. Around 6am, we saw a van full of mexicans pull up, and unload at the door. We immediatly pannicked and got in line. 7th...we could have been first! Anyways, the store opens, and of course the guys infront of us made a mad dash...which is why Brad and i restrained everyone behind us. There were 38 ppeople in line by the time the store opened, and we knew for a fact there were 30 in stock. The fact thata people would just mad dash for a system was almost offensive to us, so everyone walked. In case you haven't figured out, Brad is a really big guy...like 300 lbs. So they weren't going to disobey his order. We got home and started playing the thing...i'm...so happy...
Nintendo did the right thing with Wii man. We are getting so into that thing. We all remembered how god damn good zelda was when you were using a controller. But the first time i took a swing with links sword in twilight princess? Or threw something that was in my hand? Went fishing? It's all so much more real, you know? It isn't perfect, but god damn. The things you can do with thiss thing. And it's so small and cute! Like, the size of a zip drive. Sports are awesome too.

On another note, i actually GOT my time off for christmas. Maybe it's because they've been working me on the hardest station in the hardest outlet in the hotel for about 4 months now, and didn't give me time off for my girlfriend when she came down, but i got 9 days off for christmas. I just need to be back for new years. Better yet, my dad actually has some good money comming in now, so he said he'd actually pay for my flight back home. And by coincedence, Ryo is taking a leave from the military, so he'll be hanging out with my family on christmas, just like old times! It'll also be the first time viv will meet ryo, kind of excited about that. Now she'll understand what i mean when i speak of him. Other things? There is a ginger bread competition at work and as usual, the canadian interns were "volunteered by an unknown source." This "unknown source" also volunteered us for the talent show chef was in, so we all h ad to dress up in black tights, and our chef coats. Oh, and it ALSO volunteered us for the polar bear swim fund raiser. Plunging ourselves into sub zero tempmerature water that is on about the same par as te fraser river doesn't sound too appealing. I do NOT want to be swimming around in baltimore's run off. But for my ginger bread house, i was thinking "the morning after" as my idea. You know, half built house, seeing the inside (again) but with things like rudolph passed out in the bath tub with blitzen nursing him, santa passed out on the couchface first with hiss lists crumpled up and thrown in the corner...that sort of thing. Inappropriate for school? Yeah. But this is work and they're forcing me to do it, so i'll do whatever i want! AHAHAHAHA! They won't get rid of me, there's a reason i've been on this station for so long... nobody else can do it. Too many things to keep track of...sauces, garnishes, different plates, flavoured oils and such.

That's all for now, I geuss i might see some of you for Christmas. Seeya back at home.

...sweet, sweet Canada...

Current Mood: ecstatic
Monday, November 6th, 2006
2:23 pm
I've noticed it's been almost 2 months so here it goes. Viv was visiting for two weeks about...2 weeks ago. It was the most fun i've had down here. We went to Philidelphia, Jersey City, New York and washington DC. Seeing the cities of the east coast was so eye opening. I'll tell you what, if i was from philidelphia or new york i've got to admit i'd be one of those banner waving, over patriotic american ass holes. Those cities have so much life, character, history and GREAT food i'd consider living in them for a while. Our oppinions of the two were split - i was in constant awe of new york, and everything you could do there, but viv was charmed by the people and look of philly. Philly had more rough spots than new york, but when we had our first official cheese steak in philly, it was worth our brief trek. Meat, cheese whiz and onions on a soft roll, that' it folks. Or rather...."whiz wit." New york had so much to it, we really went all out and stayed in the crown plaza in times square. We also managed to find a tour bus line called the grey line. Because of the tour, we saw everything in the city except for the north part, which makes us sad, but we were only there for two days. Brooklyn is rough, for the record. The pizza in new york is on another level, as well. Stone ovens, crispy crusts...light tomato saue and stringy mozzarella...it was amazing. We decided to go trendy and went to an upscale indian restaraunt by the waldorf hotel, and enjoyed ourselves quite a bit. Jersey was fun as well, but it was really just somewhere to park our cra while we went to new york. Now, about washington DC. If america is one of the richest countries in the world, why the hell can't they even maintain their nations capital? It's horrible, they have the nice tourist attractions, liberty hill and george town mainly, but once you walk away in any direction, you're in the ghetto. It's disguting, these people are poor, the crime rates are nuts, and nobody does anything. We got yelled at by a bunch of security gaurds for walk over a wall instead of taking the stairs next to it that night. Security is tight everywhere, hell, the politicians seem to take notice there are parks around the city with homeless people shivering and passing gout infront of monuments of war heroes and presidents. If new york were a microcosm of american society, it is accepting, full of life and diversity and opportunity. If DC is, then america is a cocuntry which believes itself great, only because it believes it is, and can't handle it's own problems, so it approaches different ones it thinks it can. Oh, but we did stop by a cool restaraunt there, some grill like, down the road from the white house. It had great service and ok food.

Since viv left, i've been kind of drifting, playing a lot of WoW, and recently, have been taking a break from that due to FFXII. It's another movie game, i won't lie, but it's been fun. Work is work. I left out 30 gallons of crab stock by accident the other night, and got written up for it, but that was about it. That's all i got for now. I'll write when ssomething else seems... interesting enough to write about. Seeya all!

Current Mood: bored
Sunday, September 17th, 2006
12:48 pm
Getting used to life in maryland, i've sank into a pretty decent routine. Wake up, breakfast, computer, workout, then work. Come home from work chill, more computers, and such and such. Viv is comming out here in less than 3 weeks! That'ss about all i'm looking forward to right now, other than that i'm just sort of ok. Three moreguys moved in with us, bringing the house head count up to 9. Yesterday was kinda cool, we did around 400 in the restaraunt, and with relative success on my side of the line (the other guys were in the shit because of some prep mishaps...and it wasn't their fault, sos they were especially pissed), we sat down for a beer. It's kinda cool when 7 of the 9 people are awake. Erin was off fucking some guy upstairs, so i geuss she wasn't asleep, but ah well. Scott's planning on comming down here sometime in the winter, so we'll see how that goes. He'll see the cambridge lifestyle! All of the interns are leaving soon, the russians are pretty much gone, with the polish soon to follow, then the moldovan's a little while after. So there goes the party, and the source of all my sexual tension XD. Seriously, eastern european girls are HOT! It's the accent. On another note, since picking up my shiny new lap top, i've started playing doom 3 and quake 4. Both are a lot of fun, though doom really scares the shit out of me. I also have World of Warcraft..but i haven't started that yet. i think it'll take an entire god damned day to download all the fucking updates anyways. Close to getting a new car, I'm cutting it pretty close with viv comming soon. Anyways, that's all for now, i'm trying to get someone to go see dragonforce with me in washington DC..but nobody wants to.:( seeya!

Current Mood: refreshed
Tuesday, August 1st, 2006
12:37 pm
Thought you should all know who i'm living with, so, as such, here's the list.


Josh is one of my first friends from culinary arts school. To tell you the truth, the first time i heard him speak i kind of wanted to smack him. Hard. He had this flamboyant passion for food that irritated me at first. But he grew on me, he's always optimistic, trying to do the right thing and generally puts everybody in a good mood. He really did cool me down whenever i got into a fight with....

Erin is a girl who i got along with for the first bit of the year, but for some reason just started to irritate me. I can take erin in small doses. She's light hearted, bubbly, always laughing. But the other side of her is less desirable. Don't get me wrong, i don't try and start shit with her(anymore...we live together). But our relationship is deffinitely a weird one. And then there's


Brendan is actually a pretty good guy, despite what he may like to think. He's been to his share of parties back in the day, he's 27. He's also the most experienced cook, he's been working for his dad for, well, i geuss most of his life. I don"t know much about him though, aside from how funny he can get when he's pissed off. Let it be clear; he's the best cook of us all.


Shawn is a guy from two blocks behind me. He's a nice enough guy. Like brendan, he's always trying to nail "the bitches." A bit temperamental, i've never worked with him, so i don't know what he's like in the kitchen. He enjoys hockey and all things canadian.


Brad at first is kind of quiet, keeps to himself. But, uh, Brad is fucking crazy. He's a hella good time, but doesn't really like to party much. He's got a girlfriend back home too, so we have a common link there. He likes watching stupid shit on ebaums, playing videogames, and, well, everything we liked back home (bitches included!). He's and enjoyable personality.

Well, that's the team. Shawn and brendan are golfing right now, and everyone else is at work. We're going to DC on friday, so hopefully i'll have some pictures for everyone....

OH! one more. Here's the canadian embassy, situated in Cambridge, MD.

Hope you guys enjoyed that. Seeya

Current Mood: cheerful
Sunday, July 16th, 2006
2:32 pm
It's been almost two months in Cambridge now, and here's the update. Life in Vancover is beautiful. The girls are beautiful, the food is beautiful, much of the youth graduates high school and even goes onto college and university, people work...you get the idea. It seems like out here in butt fuck small town america (as it is affectionately referred to by the locals) life is depressing, if not soul crushing. Watching the news in america still hurts my head, i've never seen anything but terrorist reports and various "are we safe" debates on. I didn't even know about the FOX news network until i left home... that stuff is like if you took CNN and then marketed it all towards people with 50 less IQ points. We went to Ocean City again, and it's a lot like you would imagine an american beach city to look like, with a board walk and such. Just picture any beach set tv show or movie and you've pretty much got it. Only thing is the women aren't half as hot as they are back home. We went to two of the amusement parks on the beach strip (there's three) and chilled on the beach for a bit. I can't wait until the fall hits and all the college/university students return to salisbury, so i can see what the educated youth in the area are like(they tend to, like any normal human being, leave the eastern shore as soon as they can). I also started cooking at dinner in waters edge, the hotels upper scale restaraunt. They had me in garde manger and desserts, but now i'm on sautee and grill closing. It's fun, the guy training me is a korean intern who knows his shit. Shows me all sorts of things, also teach's me how to think about food, his beliefs and all that jazz. It's helping me out a lot. The house is pretty good, we're having another party on wedensday (occasion? Shawn's Canadian birthday!...we just kind of made the shit up, but people are comming anyways). My parents also sent us a canadian flag and a bunch of tim horton's goodies, so we have a full size canadian flag posted outside our house (proudly reffered to as the "Canadian Embassy" or just "Canada").We play a lot of videogames, drink a lot of beer, and don't have a lot of sex. Ohhh bachelor's life. On the brightside, my lady friend should be comming down here soon. WHOO! I miss you Viv. Oh, and i feel cold when it's like, 26 outside. Blaaaaaaaaaah.

Current Mood: hot
Wednesday, July 5th, 2006
11:01 pm
Canada Day
This all started as something small. When we decided there would be a canada day party at the canadian embassy (our house) we decided we'd tell a few people we'd MAYBE throw a party. But then it hit us, why not fucking rip it up as just an all out house party? So we told the people we had to, and we had a bl;ast. This party was big man, we had enough people that we required bouncers and bartenders. we were hooked up. I h ave pictures that are all too incriminating, mostly because i don't remember why i was doing what i was doing in thos epics. One involves me and four russians, and one american girl. I'd love to tell more stories, but i really can't remember most of the night. What i DO know is that we for some reason are treated with a very nice air of respect at the hotel, and everybody is all chummy with us now. It was the most fun !i've ever had on canada day. Figures it happened in america. Seeeya all
Wednesday, June 28th, 2006
11:05 am
So here's how it all went down. On May 19th, brendan picked me up from my house, with good timing, a little earlier i was all choked up, first time leaving home and all. We got to josh's place in mission about an hour later, he packed up and said goodbye to his family and we headed to the border out there. The first thing we noticed as we were getting our visa papers done was the cars gettinng stripped and searched with drug dogs. It was kind of a surprise that they didn't search our stuff at all. BC Pot is one for one with cocaine down here, we should have packed some if just to get some extra cash. Our drive took us through bellevue, so i got nostalgic when i saw the bellevue center next to the highway. We had pizza someplace around there, then kept on driving. We stopped when we got half way through idaho that day. Idaho was nice because there were no lights on the highway. While brendan drove, i got a crazy view of the stars. We stayed at a shitty motel, then kept on going the next day. When we got to montana, we realised there were no cops around and started to floor it. We maxed out at 190km/hour in the mountains.It tooks us the entire day to get through montana. We stopped in the big "City" there, Billings. We kept on seeing all these billboards for famous dave's bbq, so we thought we'd check it out. We went in, and it was allright. The guys had brisket, i had the pulled pork chicken combo. It was pretty good, but the brisket was kind of dry...then it started to rain. Brendan yells from the other side of the restaraunt " I LEFT THE SUN ROOF OPEN IN THE CAR!!" What you have to understand was that it was not just raining. This sort of torrential downpoor was something i've never seen in vancouver. These raindrops were the size of golf balls. We bolted out side, brendan chucked the keys at me and i closed everythign in the car. More than anything we were just soaked. The car didn't get damaged, we just dried i up with a towel. The waitress then tried to pick me up, but she was large and unattractive. We kept on driving and stayed at a motel in sheridan, wyoming. Wyoming is flat. Like, really, really flat. What was weird was that we saw a storm comming half an hour away on the horizon. And once we were in the storm, were in it for a few hours. Lightning was sweet, because it was happening every few seconds. It was like that part in paradise lost. Anyways, fast forward through wyoming, south dakota, and all that, then we get towards the east. Chicago, seems to be a hate filled shit hole with the wrost traffic i've ever seen in my life. We were there for sooooooooo long. Oh, by this point, we started to realise, people in america are really, really ugly. We also passed through ohio. Ohio was awesome because we ran accross our first attractive girl. It only took three days of straight driving. After we chicago, we went through Ohio, and got some odd looks from some of the locals and kept on going. We found ourselves in a road side mcdonalds, where the staff was so painfully stereotypical i almost cried. And remember that, because stereotypes in america is one of my biggest gripes. Anyways, fast forward, we're in maryland, after an otherwise uneventful road trip, and we reach the Hyatt Regency Chesapeake bay. Beautiful Grounds, warm and sunny weather, and foriegn exchange students everywhere. We get the tour, and stay at the executive sous chef's(Mikey Wilks) house, and have dinner with him and his wife. We started working, and i'm at the waters edge grill. That's the high end place. At first i was in pantry (Garde Manger) and now i'm on grill. Te workers here drive me crazy, they're slow and unmotivated, unskilled and have no concept of professionalism in the kitchen. I'm not really learning anything anyways. Well, maybe volume. But with this kind of food, i only feel a little bit bette rthan moxies. It's that sad. When i move onto dinner, it'll be much mroe fine dining, but still. Josh is in the fucking burger joint, docks. He's surrounded by beautiful girls in an otherwise heart crushing environment for a cook. Brendan is at blue point learning pretty much nothing and cooking fish, erin is in garde manger teaching people that you can cut cheese into different shapes than squares and triangles. It's like they brought us down here to teach people how to cook, not to learn how to cook. Our house however is pretty nice, i don't mind living here outside of work. I just feel so depressed with the way things are going. I need to pick myself up and just devote myself to being a better cook. I have more stories actually, maybe i'll talk of the other interns next entry. Anyways, that's it for now. Bye!

Current Mood: cynical
Saturday, June 10th, 2006
7:14 pm
So, i made it to cambride in relatively good time. On the way, we passed through a bunch of major US cities, small towns and lots, and lots, of prairie land. Cambridge is an interesting town, you can tell segregation was a big problem uintil recently. the average IQ of dorchester county is hovering around 92. A bunch of stuff happened on our way down here, but most of the interesting stuff involved rain. You think it rains back home? hahaha... Work is pretty good, our house is fucking huge. We have three floors, 6 bedrooms, and 3 bathrooms with showers. Oh, and a huge kitchen twice as big as my kitchen at home, with two ovens. It's hot and humid down here. I got to go, the guys are here, that means it's time for beer. I'll tell you the whole story some other time. Seeya.
Tuesday, May 2nd, 2006
10:56 am
So, it's getting closer to my time. I leave May 19th! I should have around $1000 american before i go, as well as a credit card with a $1500 limit. I'm driving down with Brendan Chan and Joshua Schick. They're good guys - Brendan loves the strippers, Josh has never seen a stripper. This is going to be a pretty funny drive. Brendan has around $3000, but is still paying off his car. Josh has nothing, but hey, at least he's going(his calm and gentle spirit is crucial in that i might just tear erin in two without his negotian skills). We also got to meet Check [Mike] Wilks. Good guy. He also ran into me when i was working at the golf course, and the place was packed at the time, so that was awesome(now he knows i can deal with volume). Viv is in block 10 right now, so she's at the most interesting point of the course. She's ALSO working three jobs right now (coast tsawassen Inn, Peake of Catering, and Cooks for hire), so it makes it hard to find the time...well, not really. She only works like, a shift or two a week at each. But yeah. Getting ready to gear up for the road trip. And it's a beautiful day. I'm heading outside to mow the lawn, because i do that a lot.

And Once again, everything is just about to begin, in what seems to be ANOTHER extremely important year and then some of my life. I love my career.

Current Mood: accomplished
Wednesday, April 12th, 2006
4:09 pm
God damnit, money sucks. I'm saving up again. Seems like i'm always saving for something, with the exception of the first bit of the school year. I won't have enough money to go down there comfortably, so i'm going to have to get a credit card. I'm driving across canada with Brendan and Josh from school, which should be an adventure in itself. Our visa's are currently being processed, we have to present our papers at the border to finish them once we get them fed ex'd. I got my outline as well. Pretty sweet deal, but my medical insurance for the time i'm there wound up costing me around $800. I geuss it doesn't sound like much, but i don't have that, and could only wire $600 to my dad's account and used his credit card. I'll have to pay him next paycheck, then take care of my outstanding phone bill (which is really, really outstanding). After that, it's all mine, baby. I'll probably only have $500 to drive down and live off of for the first two weeks (which doesn't include the week and a half it'll take to drive down there), hence he need for a credit card. I think they only start you off with $500 worth of credit, but it should be ok. When i get down there, they start paying me, and then i just worry about rent, hydro(which isn't hydro there...right?!), phone and water. And food. Hmmm. This'll be interesting!

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Thursday, April 6th, 2006
11:49 am
You know, you'd be surprised how hard it is to find housing in Dorchester County, Maryland for rent on the internet. Do people out there even HAVE the internet? This is most troubling. On the brightside, fair housing for a 4 bedroom suite is like, less than $800 there. Which also makes me worry. What sort of dump is the surrounding area like? I saw in thailand how a big resort can comfortably reside in an otherwise poverty stricken area...
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