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My Wii Story

So on saturday night, my room mate decides we should go get a Wii. It's 4am, so it's sunday anyways, and we weren't sleeping. It sounded like a good idea, so after and hour of playing guitar hero (FREE BIRD!!!...i've been in america a tad too long) we hopped in the car and drove to walmart. No line. It's 5am and we have no line. The store opens at 7am. You know, for all the downsides of living in a town full of racist hicks, i got to give them something. They don't play games. I appreciate that. To stay warm, we hung out in the car and watched clerks on my lap top, waiting for the store open. Around 6am, we saw a van full of mexicans pull up, and unload at the door. We immediatly pannicked and got in line. 7th...we could have been first! Anyways, the store opens, and of course the guys infront of us made a mad dash...which is why Brad and i restrained everyone behind us. There were 38 ppeople in line by the time the store opened, and we knew for a fact there were 30 in stock. The fact thata people would just mad dash for a system was almost offensive to us, so everyone walked. In case you haven't figured out, Brad is a really big 300 lbs. So they weren't going to disobey his order. We got home and started playing the thing...i' happy...
Nintendo did the right thing with Wii man. We are getting so into that thing. We all remembered how god damn good zelda was when you were using a controller. But the first time i took a swing with links sword in twilight princess? Or threw something that was in my hand? Went fishing? It's all so much more real, you know? It isn't perfect, but god damn. The things you can do with thiss thing. And it's so small and cute! Like, the size of a zip drive. Sports are awesome too.

On another note, i actually GOT my time off for christmas. Maybe it's because they've been working me on the hardest station in the hardest outlet in the hotel for about 4 months now, and didn't give me time off for my girlfriend when she came down, but i got 9 days off for christmas. I just need to be back for new years. Better yet, my dad actually has some good money comming in now, so he said he'd actually pay for my flight back home. And by coincedence, Ryo is taking a leave from the military, so he'll be hanging out with my family on christmas, just like old times! It'll also be the first time viv will meet ryo, kind of excited about that. Now she'll understand what i mean when i speak of him. Other things? There is a ginger bread competition at work and as usual, the canadian interns were "volunteered by an unknown source." This "unknown source" also volunteered us for the talent show chef was in, so we all h ad to dress up in black tights, and our chef coats. Oh, and it ALSO volunteered us for the polar bear swim fund raiser. Plunging ourselves into sub zero tempmerature water that is on about the same par as te fraser river doesn't sound too appealing. I do NOT want to be swimming around in baltimore's run off. But for my ginger bread house, i was thinking "the morning after" as my idea. You know, half built house, seeing the inside (again) but with things like rudolph passed out in the bath tub with blitzen nursing him, santa passed out on the couchface first with hiss lists crumpled up and thrown in the corner...that sort of thing. Inappropriate for school? Yeah. But this is work and they're forcing me to do it, so i'll do whatever i want! AHAHAHAHA! They won't get rid of me, there's a reason i've been on this station for so long... nobody else can do it. Too many things to keep track of...sauces, garnishes, different plates, flavoured oils and such.

That's all for now, I geuss i might see some of you for Christmas. Seeya back at home.

...sweet, sweet Canada...

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