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Life is slow in Cambridge at the moment. Hell, it's always slow, but right now it's really slow. Winter has just started showing itself. Today i could see my breath! Whoo! I was lucky enough to have Scott and Kiyomi deliver some flowers to my girlfriend earlier this week for her birthday. She loved them, so thanks to you two. I'm sitting around my room looking around. It's looking more like a bedroom now that i have pictures of the people i care for, bands i like, and...chef gear. My room mate bought burning crusade yesterday. I'd like to point out again how easy it is to get games in this particular corner of America. I was in walmart today around noon-ish. There were still copies of the burning crusade there. There were still copies of FFIII for the DS. We got two Wii's then they were released. i wonder if people even play them out here.

I've started working the other major restaurant in the hotel, Blue Point. This is ridiculously easy shit. It's like going back to moxies all over again, but with the experience i've accumulated over the years. I learned the entire menu and every station in three days. I think now would be the time to start looking for competition's in the greater baltimore area for young cooks like me to test themselves in. It's not to say that i'm the best intern, because i'm not. By far. But i want to learn competition cooking, so i might as well pursue it. Anyways, i am enjoying oblivion right now. So i'll play that. See you all later.

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