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Valentines day was great. Not because of that mushy bull shit...but because of the awesome dinner service we had! Really, it's a good feeling when you can cook a flawless service, and hear nothing but people's compliments. Everything looked sharp, i was doing the entree special("surf and surf"-seared scallops and striped bass with a roasted tomato puree, shaved citrus asparagus salad and a "broken" oyster caper vinaigrette) and the amuse bouche (just a ratatouille stuffed baby bell pepper a goat cheese sauce and a fig balsamic reduction). I get a certain joy when i cook a rack of lamb medium rare or medium. The colour is really a beautiful sight. The same goes when i cook duck right. Nothing but bright, pink flesh, crispy skin and a pink gastrique to sauce the plate with. we have these new bad ass square plates, which i prefer to the 12 inch rounds and the triangle plates we have for entree's. The seafood restaraunt is good too, but it's way more casual. Only there could i pull off "tenderloin medallions with a pearl onion guiness beer sauce, grilled veg stack and pomme puree." And yeah, i know that wasn't seafood but... they wanted to get rid of some filet mignon.

Erin has been mutually kicked out. REJOICE!!

I have a bed. REJOICE!

An Viv is coming on march 12th!! REJOICE!!!!!!

...oh, and over $1000 on this tax return...hahahahahhaha.

Ok, I'm done rambling. Bye now.

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