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SO yesterday while we were watching the hockey game, we get a phone call. It was my dad! Apparantly, i was the top student in my class at VCC and i've been asked to compete in the student of the year competition representing my class. What's more awesome? My room mate got it for his class as well! Oh, and better than that? If my chef manages to let me go(which, in all honesty, probably won't happen) i'll also be there for the dragon force show. That's right, i'll have seen them live twice in a month! HAHA! Other complications: My orientation is on the 24th, but viv's flight is to return to canada on the 26th. My competition is on the 31st of march. I'll have to make a lot of phone calls in the next few days, i have to confirm wether i can do this or not by the 12th. Right now, i'm stoked, proud and surprised. March 2007. A month to remember, for all the good it's been.

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